Linda Giusti

Linda Giusti is the office manager at Beaudoin Realty Group Inc..  Her tasks include accounting, tracking the agents  and makes sure all administrative duties are in order.  Linda handles all the daily work for Beaudoin Realty Group by tracking the real property listings, sales  and rentals for the agents. Linda assists the  cooperating agents with the logistics of keys and property status.

Linda Giusti is a Jackson Heights native.  She was born and raised in Jackson Heights.  She worked at Citibank for many years in Jackson Heights where she was an assistant manager of the branch. She then moved to Florida where she lived for 25 years.  In Miami, Florida she assisted Realtors and Mortgage brokers in their daily routine by managing a ReMax Group. Upon her return, Michele and Linda met  and rekindled their friendship from childhood. Her experience and tenacity makes her a real asset to this boutique realty firm.