Jackson Heights Schools

High Quality Public & Private Schools

Jackson Heights is home to some of the finer schools in Queens and NYC.  In addition to being home to one of the most successful and earliest public charter schools, Jackson Heights is also home to the Garden School, which was founded in the early days of the Jackson Heights community as an independent, private school.

I. Renaissance  Charter School

Jackson Heights Public Schools

The Renaissance Charter School was founded in the 1990’s as one of New York City’s first charter schools.  The school was founded by an independent group of parents who were concerned about making sure their children received a quality public school education.  Since its inception as a non-profit organization, the Renaissance Charter School has grown in both size and facilities and has become an exemplary charter school within the NYC public school system.

II.  The Garden School

Jackson Heights Private Schools

The Garden School in Jackson Heights was founded in the 1920’s as a non-profit community school.  The school encompasses first grade through high school and manages one of the largest public Pre-K programs in Jackson Heights.  The Garden School hallmarks includes its independence from government and religious institutions, its ability to provide its students with a continuous quality education through high school and its competitive price / value vis a vis other private schools in Queens and New York City.

Additional Jackson Heights Schools Information

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